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Welcome to the thrilling WorldCupItaly 2024, where innovation and adrenaline collide in the sphere of drone racing. This international competition promises to push the edges of technology and skill as top pilots from around the globe to converge to showcase their excellence. Thanks to the generous contribution of our supporters, we’ve been able to elevate this event to new heights, but we welcome new collaborators to join us in shaping the future of this exciting sport recognized by olympic committee.

Italian Supporters

Assistenza Piscine

Assistenza Piscine, Montichiari’s pool maintenance experts since 2016, provide tailored services for public and private pools. Offering precise cleaning, water checks, and prompt repairs, their location in Brescia ensures efficient service. Trust Assistenza Piscine for reliable and high-quality pool maintenance.

Barella Impianti Termosanitari

“Barella Impianti Termosanitari” is a local family-owned business known for the prompt, reliable, quality service and attention to detail. They are trusted by residential and commercial clients alike for all their plumbing and plants needs. They offer expert plumbing services for civil and industrial plants.

FPV Sardegna

We are an Italian FPV group based in Sardinia. Active in the island’s FPV scene, we organize races and maintain a dedicated FPV field. With a focus on promoting FPV culture, we engage enthusiasts and foster community spirit in the breathtaking landscapes of Sardinia.


Gli Archivi Ritrovati is a publishing house, devoted to preserve and share the Italian aviation heritage. Active since 2014, our group of professionals have recovered, digitalized and catalogued more than 600.000 documents about history of aviation. Visit our website to discover all the secrets of Italian aviation.


Established in 1960, LARP srl capitalized on plastic resin potentials through injection molding and extrusion. Led by successive family members, the company now exports a diverse range of products globally, solidifying its legacy of innovation and maintaining international market presence.

Lombarda Srl

For 50 years Lombarda, partner of Gruppo Intesa S.c.r.l., has been operating in the retail sale of bathroom furnishing products, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, fittings and photovoltaic products. The synergy of 5 branches to offer high quality solutions and personalized services at competitive prices.


One of our strong points is the creation of polyurethane parts for small productions and/or pre-series, even for samples of 1 or more pieces, both in compact and expanded ones. We can supply any needs with any type of mould: aluminum for polyurethane or thermoformed.

Modellismo Varesino

Modellismo Varesino was born from the passion and enthusiasm of Milani Fabrizio who has known modeling for pleasure, especially helicopters, for several years!
In our shop you can find first of all availability and experience, as well as static and dynamic models.

Stamperia Di Menzago Srl

Stamperia di Menzago is one of the leading Italian companies specializing in hot forging of steel. For over 60 years we have been serving Italian and European companies, which operate in different product sectors, taking care of the production from the customer’s project to the quality certification

Team Blue Eyes

Team Blue Eyes, based in Veneto, consists of six skilled drone racing enthusiasts: Alessio, Luca, Nicola, Andrea, Giacomo, and Enrico. With over a decade of experience, we excel in local and international competitions, with a passion for 5-inch drones and tinywhoops, and expertise in hardware and software tinkering.

The Steel Bottle

Respect the environment with THE STEEL BOTTLE, a high-quality stainless steel alternative to plastic bottles. Keeps beverages hot for 20 hours and cold for 10. Leak-proof design ensures worry-free portability. Stylish, lightweight, and condensation-free, perfect for various activities. Ideal for eco-conscious urban lifestyles.

Varesina Stampi - member of POZZI GROUP

Since 1950 our current production activity is die design and hot steel drop forging. The first site was gradually joined in 1987 by a second production facility and in 1989 by yet another facility specialising in the finishing of high-precision mechanical parts.


Since 1980, we are proud to be renowned as a reliable and dynamic partner in design, manufacture and supply of outlet fittings, special flanges, connectors and special forged pieces. We have acquired experience over decades in mechanics and in the working of products to reach a leading international role.

Zunami Film Studio

A versatile video production company, specializing in creating engaging content tailored to clients’ needs. With a blend of creativity and technical proficiency, we deliver impactful videos that resonate with audiences. From concept development to final editing, we bring visions to life with professionalism and innovation.

Worldwide Supporters


Our factory can meet a variety of customized needs, from motors and electrical equipment to the entire FPV drone. Our R&D will develop OEM products for motors and electronics based on needed specifications by keeping high quality standards. Our real goal is customer satisfaction.


BETAFPV is innovation, R&D, quality and experience. Our team works tirelessly to provide products that are carefully developed and tested. Our customer care makes you feel happy with our brand. We are BETAFPV, and we have been here to break your imagination!


CHINAHOBBYLINE.COM is one of the leading lithium polymer manufacturers in China, focusing on high capacity, high discharge rate, design, and pack assemblage technology. We aim to provide high-quality Li-Po batteries and RC products to all hobby enthusiasts with excellent customer services and competitive prices. specializes in FPV (First-Person View) drone parts, offering an extensive range for hobbyists and competitive racers alike. Our expertise ensures the highest quality in performance enhancements and repairs. Dive into the immersive experience of FPV flight with, where passion meets precision.


The world has a new esport: the eDrone Racing. Discover EreaDrone, the most polyvalent drone racing simulator ever made. Race now against other pilots, freestyle in huge environments, compare yourself to others with challenges, and create amazing tracks and maps!


FLYCOLOR, founded in 2009 in China, has worked hard on R&D in order to reach the industry-leading high quality level in brushless motors intelligent controlers including agricultural plant protection, FPV, remote control airplanes and heli, remote control cars, remote control ship, etc. all over the world.


Our company is established in 2014 with headquarter in Shenzhen, China, committed to the R&D of FPV products including FPV camera, VTx, VRx, flight control, ESC, motor, ect. We take care of customers having hundreds of dealers all over the world, and keep increasing.


HGLRC was founded on June 2016 , we are the first company to have integrated VTX in FC, FC in ESC and DVR in VTX on one board, among our other innovations. Bringing the highest quality at an affordable price through our dealers worldwide.


HOTA designed, developed and produced a full series of smart chargers, power supply and other hot-selling products for all customers. We have earned a trusted reputation on high quality products and good service. HOTA succeeded in finishing the strategy transformation to a professional Intelligent electronic equipment designer and manufacturer in 2018.


Founded in 2012 in China, HQProp is a propellers enterprise for RC Hobby which integrates R&D, design, production and marketing as a whole. HighQualityProp is one of the most professional propeller manufacturers in China and desire to become the highest quality RC propeller manufacturer.


iFlight, based in Huizhou City, China, has grown globally since 2014 by leveraging local resources. They offer innovative FPV drones for videography, entertainment, racing, freestyle flying, and education, empowering creators with tools to realize their ideas and push the boundaries of what’s possible with drones.


We offer LESA brand drone race gates and flags, featuring pre-designed patterns as well as customizable options tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer ready-made designs or wish to create your own, we cater to your specific needs and preferences.


Started in early 2020, Pacific Flying Machines was created to make FPV products that not only cater to modern trends, but also pushes the designs to a new level. PFM is also committed to growing the FPV community through our Pilot programs and events.


RadioMaster is a RC passionate group of engineers which develop the brand product line. Answering the calls of hobbyists around the globe, we are dedicated to the continuous evolution of our hobby and keeping open hardware standards and open source platforms affordable and accessible to everyone.


RushFPV is a relatively new player in FPV specialized market. Started producing VTX’s, in less than a year they have become one of the most popular VTX’s brands. Now producer of VTX’s, motors, antennas and all the electronics needed for an FPV drone.


Specializes in R&D, production, and sales of safe and reliable UAV power systems, creating a precedent for UAV power system solutions, and have become a global professional UAV power system brand. Headquarter is located in Nanchang, China. Its products have been used widely in film and television, agriculture, surveying, etc.


ToolkitRC founded in 2018, located in Shenzhen China, has been committed to the Design Development and Manufacture of Balance chargers, Testing tools and Power supply. Innovation bringing more intelligent, convenient, and stable quality experience to users is always the direction we have been working hard for.


At TORVOL we worked together with top drone pilots throughout all design stages of our products. Unzip the entire bag to create a PITSTOP area, a workstation for drone repair. Our products are highly adjustable, so you can adapt YOUR bag to YOUR preferences and protect what matters!


VCI was established in 2022. We are a company specialized in the comprehensive production of drone motors.
Our team boasts over 5 years of valuable OEM experience in the UAV motor manufacturing field, along with an exceptional technical team to deliver high-quality products and services.